What are the Types of Gyms?

What Are the Types of Gyms?

Just like there are different kinds of routines to develop balance, coordination, flexibility and strength, there are also several types of gyms around. Whether you’re looking to join one or looking to expand your community’s range of gyms, it’s important to know what kinds of facilities to expect.

The types of gyms are an indicator of what amenities, equipment, accessories and tools you should be using or furnishing it with. If you were one of those aiming at establishing a new gym, check out this post to learn of the types of fitness centers to choose from, so that you can start thinking of the equipment outfit it with; based on the physical activities you are looking to provide your members with, something specific to their goals and needs.

“Real” Bodybuilding Gyms

Free Weights Equipment
Free Weights Equipment

Mainly focusing on strength training and weight lifting, a bodybuilding gym can offer an extensive set of free weights, weight machines, dumbbells and accessories for training specific muscle groups so that members can develop strength and endurance. While many gyms offer aerobic training with ellipticals, treadmills, upright bikes, recumbent bikes and stationary bikes, their main purpose is providing weight training with selectorized machines, plate-loaded machines and free weights and benches for free weight routines with or without the use of benches for leg curls, abdominal crunches and overhead presses, to name a few.

So if your target market is athletes and bodybuilders, you may consider forgoing an aerobic option, instead focusing on strength equipment to cater to your clients goals and needs. When building this type of gym though, you may also have to look into hiring several personal trainers who can guide new trainees regarding proper form and technique when using free weights, selectorized or plate-loaded machines.

Bodybuilding gyms usually attract more male members than other fitness centers do. So if your target market are men, you may decide on building a new gym but if you want to save money on used gym equipment, don’t go any further, as we sell all types of remanufactured gym equipment from top brands, including Life Fitness, Precor and Star Trac all sourced from the best fitness facilities worldwide so you can be rest assured of ultimate quality.

But if you want to save piles of cash, you can even consider getting gym packages, depending on your budget, and these sets are composed of selectorized machines, cardio units and free weights, among others, depending on selected gym packages for sale.

Health Clubs

A popular choice for people looking for a broader range of amenities, health clubs often equip training centers with ball courts, enhanced cardio selection, etc. They are billed as health clubs because they offer other features, including a swimming pool, sauna and steam room, aside from weight training. These fitness clubs are famous in the city and attract busy people because they’re often set up in highly accessible areas.

Women-Only Gyms

Women's Only Gyms
Women’s Only Gyms

Offering a less intimidating equipment and an environment surrounded by female trainees, women-only gyms cater to women who don’t want to be around men, whom they think are ridiculing, judging or watching over them. These types of gyms offer women customized female workouts. If you’re building this type of gym, you will also have to furnish it with machines, placing a much higher emphasis on cardio machine selection, as well as a focus on aerobic group exercise spaces.

Hotel Gyms

Catering to travelers and guests, hotel gyms are also becoming popular and are common for both small and big. The majority of hotels, now, offer some sort of fitness solution to their guests.  Some of them also offer personal trainer services and classes. If you’re a hotel owner looking to establish your reputation in the hotel business, consider building a hotel gym, an additional, yet very important, feature to entice your guests with. As you know, they find it hard to keep a workout routine while traveling, but this is something you can address by establishing a hotel fitness center. At UGE, you will find numerous hotel gym packages composed of top-of-the-line cardio equipment, strength machines and free weights, depending on which package you choose; otherwise, you may want to call us for custom hotel gym equipment set to tailor to your goals and needs.

Organization/Company Gyms

Large companies have started establishing in-house exercise facilities for their employees, not only to keep them healthy but also to make them more productive at work. As you know, workouts can help boost metabolism and so in the release of energy from food they eat. Employees, in this case, do not only lose weight, but also become more energetic and less stressed, no matter the pressure at work. If you’re interested in a stress free, corporate fitness center solution, consider our sister company at RentGymEquipment.com, where you can outfit your business with zero risk and no contract! All maintenance included!

Athletic Clubs/Centers

Providing places for people to participate in athletic oriented fitness and use virtually all types of amenities, athletic clubs offer almost all kinds of sports, including squash, racquetball and tennis. By establishing this type of fitness center, you can offer members with a wide range of sports activities and the chance to choosing the types of events to join and exercises to do for their training routine.

Fitness Centers

Attempting to combine several workout facilities into a single location, fitness centers offer members cardiovascular equipment, free weights, aerobic classes, yoga classes, Jacuzzis, swimming pool and tanning beds, but not all of them provide these. If you were looking to build a fitness center, decide on what services to offer so that you can also decide on what types of accessories, machines and used gym flooring to buy for it.

Home Gyms

Home Gyms
Home Gyms

They are not as costly to set up as compared to all other types of gyms. In fact, a home gym can be furnished with much selected machines and accessories and are often the common choice for people who want to work out anytime they want and without them decorating their training space.

Now you know what the types of gyms are and so you can better look into what kind of training center to establish, all depending on several factors including your target market, location and budget, among others. At UGE, we can help you furnish an entire gym because we sell virtually all kinds of used gym accessories and equipment at a fraction of the cost of new ones.

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