How Important Is Preventive Maintenance?

How Important Is Preventive Maintenance?

Also called preventative maintenance, preventive maintenance is a scheduled maintenance action, on new or used gym equipment, and it includes several processes, such as visual inspection, lubrication, electrical test and the operational inspection of the machines, if necessary. Its main purpose is to find worn or damaged parts before the machine malfunctions and injures users. Keeping machines running with less downtime and preventing service calls, preventative maintenance is important for every gym. This involves not only wiping down a machine’s surface or reporting malfunction to a technician, but a thorough inspection on the machines. If you want to extend the life of your equipment and save money in the process, schedule maintenance before any problem occurs.

Preventive Maintenance could save you thousands!
Preventive Maintenance could save you thousands!

One way of making sure fitness machines last and work with minimal downtime is to buy quality commercial products from trusted makers, but if on the other hand you were buying used gym equipment, get them only from because we don’t only offer high quality and affordable fitness machines, but we also offer preventive maintenance plans to all our customers. With us, you don’t only get affordable gym equipment but you are also assured that we handle your machines’ maintenance needs, too. Every fitness center must implement a maintenance program to minimize both equipment downtime and reduce safety issues.

However, it is important to understand that PM does not eliminate parts’ failure or malfunction, nor does it completely get rid of downtime, but a PM program will help address any issues before they happen, reducing cost in the process. For example, replacement of a specific part can prevent it from damaging other machine components. And for that, let’s take the treadmill as an example. When the belt and deck are worn, the motor will have to work harder than before due to increased work load following the increase in pressure and friction coming from the worn out parts. Without PM and with continued use of the cardio unit in this condition, the motor controller and/or drive motor will soon become damaged, too. So, while on the surface the treadmill will continue to function as normal – for now – the mechanics are working overtime. The motor will eventually burn itself out, costing hundreds of dollars when a little preventive maintenance would have caught the issue, lubricated the necessary parts, and saved you hours of headache and hassle of trying to organize a tech to care for a machine that is no longer making you money.

With a piece of strength unit is an anticipated failure of a cable drive, which will cause it to be out of service until it gets repaired. Had this worn part properly maintained, this type of failure could have been prevented, along with the downtime that could have been minimized. Again, a stich in time saves nine!

It goes without saying, scheduled maintenance can reduce your gym’s operating cost, likelihood of a lawsuit from an injured member, and downtime of equipment. PM also eliminates noises, wobbly seats, missing weight selection pins, loose pads and resistance issues, among others. Small issues that ruin the reputation of a facility when left unaccounted for! Preventative maintenance has it many advantages – especially when compared to waiting for malfunctions and failures to happen. Even the finest gym equipment needs maintenance in order to keep it functional and to keep users safe.

When you buy remanufactured units from UGE, we can offer you preventive plans on all machines. Our technicians will go and inspect the machines at your desired schedule. We can assign service technicians, who handle specific areas and manage maintenance of gym equipment for our customers. Some machines we can perform maintenance on are strength pieces that usually work at their best, but a scheduled maintenance can keep them working properly, longer. We can inspect and keep your equipment to from suffering from any issues before they happen, and perform inspection on all cables and pulleys for wear and stress, inspect hinge point and cable routing for correct alignment and for wear, check assembly and frame against any structural damage and lubricate guide rods and adjust cable tension, among other procedures to ensure your machines are working at their peak conditions all the time.

Not only do we offer preventative maintenance and service for strength machines, but we can also do routine inspections on cardio trainers, including bikes, ellipticals and treadmills, wherein we check their electrical parts for proper calibration, inspect, clean and lubricate hinges, tracks and roller systems, inspect belts and chains for wear and stress, ensure resistance and elevation/stride adjustments are properly working and inspect mechanical and electronic features for machine safety.

Ensuring that all machines work at their top conditions does not only guarantee safety of members, but also prevents the urgent and expensive overhead cost to associated with hefty repairs and parts replacement. As a gym owner who wants to get the most out of his business, it is very important that you stress on the significance of routine maintenance among your employees and staff, too, by keeping a logbook and having them report all maintenance incidents, failure and service, but information should be kept well-organized and thorough. Nevertheless, keeping a logbook for maintenance information is a valuable task every staff has to learn.

To keep used gym equipment maintained, all gym owners are advised to follow to the maker’s maintenance recommendations, clean machines every day, use only approved replacement parts and install necessary surge protectors, among others. But while maintenance tips differ slightly from one maker to another, there are certain rules of thumb you may want to follow. For instance, it is important that motorized equipment be kept away from dirt and dust, in particular to its moving parts so that it can reduce any friction that builds up heat, wearing out the motor.

These are only some maintenance tips to remember and orient your employees to, but the list is actually endless. Now if you would get remanufactured gym units from UGE, there is nothing to worry about, as we can attend to all your machines’ maintenance needs and requirements, no matter the number of fitness units you get from us. We’re not only a top provider of affordable, high-quality fitness pieces but we’re your best service providers in terms of preventive maintenance, too.  With us, you can be sure that your gym will keep its operational cost low, machines at top conditions and your business operating smoothly with the savings you get from scheduled preventative maintenance that extends the lifespan of every machine in your gym.

For information about our gym packages and preventive maintenance plans, feel free getting in touch with our team of experts. Visit if you have any questions!