Choosing The Right Location For Your New Gym

Choosing Where to Build Your New Gym

You have been training for years and now you have been considering building your very own fitness center. But location is vital for this new business, as people, potential members, are more likely to select that health club nearest to their homes and the one that is more accommodating and convenient to their daily routines. To get started, check out this article for some guidance on how to choose a location for a gym. Whether its your first gym or your expanding, there is one thing to remember when starting a new gym: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! It is, beyond any shadow of doubt, the most important step when it comes to how you open a new gym.

Where in the city will you open your new gym?
Where in the city will you open your new gym?

First, you should be thinking about which part of the city you are going to set up your new. And for that matter, you may want to search for a residential area, where people are actually living, when setting up a gym. Research and study your area, looking into what gyms are in it as well as what the future development in this place would be. When deciding on the location, you also need to consider the existing competition, so check out the gyms already in the area before establishing yours. For instance, there can be similar health clubs, such as the one you are looking to build, that would severely diminish your potential member base. To make it easier, you may want to avoid general health clubs, instead trying to be something different, like offering something not already available in your location. Because it can be quite difficult to enter a competitive market; instead, try to set up a gym in an area where the same types of fitness facilities are not common. CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT SOME TYPES OF GYMS – so that you can decide what niche you want to build your gym in.

If you are located in a small town, try to find a place where many people go, such as a shopping center, and you may want to position the gym in or near this location. But then if you are in a larger town or city, there can be many key areas here, so in this case, you may want to look for an area to serve as a good anchoring point for your gym. One that offers your clients benefits apart from your gym, like cafés or grocery stores.

In short, select a location where the business is, meaning where people commonly pass by to and from work, an example. You should know that gyms are frequented by people for its proximity in places where they go every day, such as those spots where they do their regular activities. It goes without saying, accessibility is important for any business, and people choose gyms that won’t get them traveling out of their way.

Speaking of people, know the clientele in your area.

Know the clientele of your new gym!
Know the clientele of your new gym!

The potential clientele base plays a huge role in the success or failure of many new gyms, so choosing the right location for a gym is an absolute must. So if you are targeting professionals as members, you should choose a location near business centers. Otherwise, you can opt for a location near residential areas if you are aiming at a more casual crowd. Nevertheless, the members you target for your gym will play a major role in choosing the location and creating the type of atmosphere members will get from it.

Another thing to consider when choosing a gym location is to take into account your special requirements, depending on the type of gym you are looking to build. For instance, you may want to scout and find a space with several closed rooms in order that you can offer different training options, including yoga, Pilates or spinning classes. It goes without saying that you can also pick a location depending on the expansion you may be envisioning for the business because you will definitely need a bigger space should a niche gym (e.g. bodybuilding, boxing…) become successful.

It is always important to understand the outside factors to affect the prosperity of your business, because nearly all of your potential customers will choose a gym near their place of residence. This is for several reasons. First, and again, is convenience. People of today have tight schedules while still looking for ways on how to get things done conveniently and efficiently and one of their concerns is staying fit and healthy. So in this case, how your gym will fit into their lives is a key to succeeding in the gym business. And if your center is located in a one-stop place where they can also do important errands, such as getting gas or buying groceries, without them having to travel or transfer to get all these separately, that too can be a huge benefit.

So if your new gym is in a place where the only option is to train and not be able to run their other errands, then many potential members may have to choose another gym, one that is right at the spot where they can perform other routines in their. Making your gym convenient for them to do their daily routine is a must, especially in terms of the customer retention factor.

Now, should you buy, lease or rent a gym space?

This is another important factor when considering a location for your new gym. For many startups though, the common option is to lease a space because money is not that big at this stage, as you will still have to consider other things, including buying new or used gym equipment. The plan in this case is to think of having your fitness club around for years because gyms, just like other businesses, have peak and slow seasons. And these changes may not make renting a good option, as it may just make things complicated for you, including advanced planning and strict budgeting to keep your gym afloat. Therefore, leasing, buying or renting all have their advantages and disadvantages and the best thing you can do is to study your options well depending on your situation. But if you own your space, then this factor may not become a problem because you have the control in your hands.

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