10 Home Gym Essentials

10 Exercise Essentials a Home Gym Needs


You have enough space and now you’re thinking on how to build a home gym. Admit it or not, many of us may be too busy to drive to the gym and back to our home just to exercise or train. Well, no wonder, people are now establishing their very own training space. For one reason, many of them struggle in making exercise a consistent, daily part of their lives, especially when such activity, they thought, to be a time-consuming task. And yes, life is busy no matter how you choose to spend your day.

However, working out daily can give you more energy to get more things out of life, while reducing stress and risk to diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. You will also get a boost of confidence from training as well as developing a fit-looking and strong physique for daily functions or for sports. With all these things in mind, you may want to pursue building your own gym.

The process does not have to be complicated though, because you can build a home gym that fits your budget, needs and space. Perhaps, you have a wide range of options of whether building it in the basement, a spare room or a garage. With your home gym, you don’t also have to pay for monthly gym memberships or train during office hours. The control is all yours. And one way of fitting a gym into your lifestyle is building your very own gym that allows you to work out at your own pace and schedule. But before you can harvest the benefits of having a home gym, check out the following for the things you need for it.

  1. Barbells complete a home gym because they offer you a multitude of free weight training options. You can use them by themselves or with a bench to assist in the movements, including abdominal crunches. They can bring coordination and stabilization in your workouts, but you should see to it that you’re buying sturdy barbell set and that you’re paying attention to its handle diameter if you have small hands.
  2. Kettlebells are must-haves in a home gym because they also allow most types of routines, just like dumbbells. Some of them offer unique movements, giving you more challenges. Kettlebells, which can also come with smooth handles and without a painted coating, are a worthwhile investment for a home gym.
  3. Pull up bars are not only for pull-ups but also for a number of gymnastic movements to perform and practice. They are ideal to install on a wall. Otherwise, you can try and go for resistance bands if you cannot do pull-ups on a bar yet.
  4. Plyometric boxes are fun to use workout tools, especially for jumping exercises. They are essentials for working on quickness and power because they can be used in non-jumping exercises, such as bench dips, too. At the Used Gym Equipment, we sell plyometric boxes of sizes to choose from. Feel free to contact us for details.
  5. A stereo system and good music, surprisingly, are great additional for any home gym because training with great background music can keep your heart pumping and your mind motivated to push harder. Though it may not be gym equipment in the strictest sense, it is no less valuable for it. You don’t have to buy any expensive one though; in fact, you can make use of an existing home audio system for your gym.
  6. Dumbbells allow you to do virtually all types of exercises with or without a training bench. You can opt for used dumbbells that come in a wide range of weights to accommodate your fitness level and exercises for strength gains.
  7. Jump ropes are great for cardio training and for developing coordination. You can opt for this tool especially if you were a beginner in exercise. You don’t have to worry about the details but select a heavy duty one. You may choose either a weighted rope for strength or a wire lightweight rope for speed.  Either way, you should not miss a jump rope in the list of items to buy for a home gym.
  8. Medicine balls are great for plyometric and core movements. They can be used for a wide range of exercises, including carrying, throwing or abdominal exercises. They also help in developing power and speed.
  9. Weight plates are of wide variety, available in different weights that can accommodate your fitness level and needs. However, you should make sure of getting rubber bumper plates if you are aiming at Olympic lifting.
  10. Both essential for training on-the-go and on a home gym, rings are important in a home gym because they are lightweight and portable. They can help you in performing body weight exercises, increasing workout variety and improving heart health. When buying workout rings, you should opt for a lightweight and easy to hang options.



There you have the most essential home gym tools and equipment you need for building your very own training space on a budget. But then if you want help in choosing the best of them to meet your needs and requirements, you can always get in touch with UsedGymEquipment.com, as we sell virtually all kinds of used gym accessories, tools and equipment. We have furnished thousands of home gyms around the world; all of them are satisfied with their purchase because they did not have to look for several gym sources to buy all the things they need to set up a home gym. Now if you want to save more money, we also offer various home gym packages to choose from and these packages, aside from what we have mentioned above, may also include used gym equipment for cardio and fro strength, all from top brands, such as Life Fitness, Precor, Nautilus, Star Trac and so many more! But then if you are looking to customize what machines, accessories or tools, with your choice of paint color, decals and specifications to include in the used home gym package for sale, feel free letting us know and we can discuss the details.

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