What Attracts Members To A New Gym?

What Attracts Members To A New Gym?

Lately, you have been doing some market researching to learn what makes a great gym because even if there are thousands upon thousands of gyms around (and trust us, there are), there are only a few that can dominate the gym industry.

If you are only looking to build an average gym where fitness seekers can work out, this article isn’t really for you. But if you are aiming to be one of the best like Parisi Speed School, which is present in 85 different locations, with the main mission of catering to members who want to improve their sports abilities, according to The Active Times in “The 31 Best Gyms in America 2015.”

According to Bodybuilding.com, “Good Gyms Are from Heaven!”

The Best Gyms Don't Happen By Accident
The Best Gyms Don’t Happen By Accident

So what really makes a good gym? What are people looking for when training? Let’s answer that here.

Every bodybuilder, athlete and fitness seeker knows the importance of selecting a good gym because it is where bodybuilding, weight loss or both starts for many of them. And so if you want to offer them the best training they could get and meet their requirements, what are those characteristics of a good gym would you apply to your health club?

First, your gym should be accessible for your target market, one that can be easily found in places where they go (e.g. near their place of work, favorite shops, grocery…). By providing them an easy access to your gym, you will be able to help them be consistent in training because they are more likely to exercise on a regular basis than in a gym that is out of the way. Consider the distance of your gym to significant places that matter for them when building a gym.

Next let’s go to the quality and quantity of equipment you can offer. This is very important. Some gyms are good, offering quality equipment, but they lack variety, while others offer a lot of equipment, but which quality is very poor.

Offering quality equipment, you think is enough? But what if your members would have to wait long for their turn to use a specific machine? Or you may have so many training units, but which you always have to maintain or have repaired due to poor quality, resulting to lack of machines that members can use, or worse might cause them injury or  accident? So without balance of quality and quantity of gym equipment, you might not be giving them the best experience exercising in your gym, leading them not to renewing their membership.

So if you aim at being a great gym, balance quantity and quality of equipment.

Nothing is more annoying for members than going to your facility and not seeing any one machine available for him to use. Also, quality of gym equipment must be considered. It is one of the main factors members consider when deciding to join a gym or renew their membership or not. You should also think of variety of fitness equipment so that members can change type of exercises and routines to avoid the boredom when training.

Another very important characteristic of a good gym that people are looking for when deciding to join a health club is its cleanliness. Aside from proper hygiene materials, such as towels, you will also have to set up specific places to allow them to clean up after working out. In this case, you may want to build a bathroom or shower room and make sure that it is properly maintained. You may also want to consider using rubber tiles for your facility.

Apart from these great gym characteristics you have to  look into, you will have to build a team of professional staff, who should be educated and trained about standards you want to implement for your health club. Your gym staff also plays a huge factor in ensuring that your members are well attended to, especially if they have questions.  And speaking of a team of professional staff, you may also want to hire a couple of professional fitness trainers that can be instructors for members looking for personal or group trainers.

In relation to hiring a couple of personal and group trainers, build a gym that offers classes and additional services because members are also into training centers that offer them more than just bodybuilding or weight loss exercises.

Some of them also look for gyms equipped with an indoor pool, a sauna or a spa. Depending on your target clientele, you may want to study and weigh your options about extra services you want to offer your members with so that they may find training in your facility a convenient location not only to scorch muscles but also to meet other training and workout requirements. You may want to offer boot camps and Cross fit classes to members as a other options, too.

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When establishing a new gym in your community, you may want to consider the advice we have given here about the characteristics members are looking for when deciding to sign up for a membership. Keep members and attract new ones by making your fitness facility an ideal place for their workout needs.

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