11 Pieces of Essential Equipment For Personal Trainers

Most Essential Pieces of Personal Training Equipment

Having the right equipment is absolutely essential for happy clients!
Having the right equipment is absolutely essential for happy clients!

You recently got your personal training certification and now you want to build a personal training studio. Perhaps, working in your own space is what you envisioned because this gives you the freedom of implementing your own rules and training your own clients at their desired schedule, giving you better opportunities of earning well as a personal trainer.

But starting out, you don’t know which pieces of personal training equipment you should get to furnish your space. Worry no more, as this guide is all about the most essential personal training pieces you need for your gym.

Dumbbells: Called the workhorses of the training world, they remain essentially unchanged in the last 80 years or so, despite numerous innovations. Needless to say, they are here to stay.  And as a personal trainer, you should not forget furnishing your training studio with a few sets of these because they can offer a multitude of training options, giving your clients exercise varieties especially when it comes to performing strength and conditioning exercises.

Pull-up bar: For clients, the use of such is one of the most important in strength training, as it serves a measuring tool for their true fitness. Without it, you are going to miss out two essential movement patterns for trainees, which are rowing and pulling. Experts say pull-up bars serve as great anchor points for bands and suspension systems, too.

Sandbags: Functioning mainly  as protection from rising water levels in the past, sandbags are now a staple in most training centers because they are some of the most powerful tools for a fitness program or professional and they can be used for teaching clients on proper squats and corrective exercises. For the best results, furnish your studio with vinyl types, as they aren’t abrasive for the skin and they can be cleaned so easily.

Kettlebells: Experts reveal kettlebell training may be tough but it gives clients fantastic results in complete body training, including cardiovascular and functional fitness and flexibility. When trained with correct supervision, trainees can get the most out of their kettlebell training experience because these simple tools cater to virtually all aspects of fitness.

Platforms/steps: Essentially great for group training sessions as well as one-on-one coaching sessions, steps come with several advantages. For one, they can be of several heights that can be used for increasing or decreasing intensity of workouts, including push-ups and squats as well as for increasing motion range. And they’re flexible, too, because they can be used for presses in case you don’t have benches set up yet.

Stability ball: Remaining supreme used by professional trainers, it is a great tool for both prone and supine core exercises as well as in moving on and off without it rolling away. Get one or two stability balls in furnishing your training studio to offer a wider range of exercise options for your clients. They are great pieces of core training equipment, providing unstableness that helps clients establish balance and improve spatial awareness. They can also be used as a bench for presses and other resistance exercises, making the exercise harder and more challenging for trainees.

Resistance tubing/bands: They are easy to transport, lightweight and flexible, too. They are a staple in every studio, suitable for both group and personal training classes. You can use them to teach clients full body workouts. You can buy a few of these bands to accommodate a wide range of clients and teach them of resistance exercises for most parts of their bodies.

Exercise mats: Providing cushioning for back and floor exercises, they are reliable and easy to transport pieces of gym tools to furnish a studio.

Foam rollers: Used for self-myofascial release, rollers are widely used by clients, home users and personal trainers and they work through a user’s body weight in performing varying self-massage exercises on specific body parts. They are also good for hamstrings, clafs and bands.

Squat rack:  It holds strong and it is a great conditioning and strength training set to have in any gym. It also helps in increasing safety of clients with its horizontal brackets on the sides, which can be set as per user height.  A safety tool for squat exercises, this rack prevents a weight from dropping and crashing down on a client.

Conditioning equipment: While tools and free weights mentioned above are vital for a personal training studio in offering your clients a multitude of workouts, they may not be enough in terms of providing consistent momentum and faster results that selectorized and plate-loaded equipment as well as treadmills and stair steppers can give.

These are machines that do not only look attractive but they also offer effective cardio and strength training for members. These are also ideal for providing a consistent range of motion, unaffected by body English, because their resistance, referring to strength training machines, can be adjusted; therefore, they can cater to a wide range of users no matter their training level.

In the process, they work out based on their body and muscle ability while still getting the most out of their training experience. Perhaps, people also gym to train and develop not only their strength but also their endurance to stay strong and finish their selectorized or circuit workout from the start to the finish, for example.

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