Gym Attendance in Saudi Arabia

The gym industry in Saudi Arabia is part of the growing trend towards fitness in the Middle East. Fitness services like classic gyms, personal training studios and group exercise studios have seen double digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) increases from the years 2012-2017. There are many factors contributing towards these gains.

1. Population Growth

The population of Saudi Arabia has exploded in recent years, leading to just more people needing to exercise. The population now skews young and more health minded. This has increased the demand of personal training and fitness professionals in general. 20% of the fitness market is driven by personal trainers opening gyms and guiding exercisers toward the proper use of both cardio and strength equipment to reach their goals.

2. Women’s Fitness

While the Kingdom is still one of the most conservative countries worldwide, in recent years many rights have been opened up to women. This has created more availability for women to work out. Still, while 70% of gym goers are men, just 30% are women, so there is enormous room for growth.  This level is bound increase with the demand for womens’ only fitness centers and personal training on the rise.

3. Health Issues

Saudia Arabia is not immune to the global epidemic of obesity. Conditions such as heart disease, chronic pain and diabetes are affecting the population and attributing to changes in mindset regarding physical activity and healthy eating. Lifestyle choices in Saudi Arabia are the main way to slow the rise in obesity and maintain a healthy population.

4. National Support

The cosmopolitan areas of Riyadh and Makkah have been at the forefront of the fitness industry growth. With government initiatives encouraging an active lifestyle, open spaces like parks on the rise and awareness of making health goals a priority, Saudi Arabia is making positive strides.