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Used Gym Equipment: The Best for Less

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“The best for less” means offering your gym clients an elite training experience without jeopardizing the budget. “The best for less” indicates an approach to your business that translates to your training. Your attention to maximizing training without wasting time or effort is reflected in your attention to cost management. Have you considered the difference […]

The Value of Used Gym Equipment for Your Fitness Facility

Used Gym Equipment

With over thirty years helping our clients with their fitness facilities, we have proven that buying used gym equipment is a safe and economically sound decision when outfitting or improving your gym’s services. Evaluation of each piece of apparatus is essential. However, most have no idea what to assess. Here are five factors to consider […]

Utilizing the Experience and Savings Available at Used Gym Equipment

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In 2019, before the Covid pandemic took hold, there were over 40,000 fitness centers licensed in the United States. By 2021, 22% had closed permanently. This number of business failures represented the industry’s 29.2 billion dollars in lost revenue. As the threat of infection has been relieved, and clients are returning to the gym, the […]

Annual Reevaluation of Your Fitness Facility

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Once a year, typically when equipment leases or rentals are due, a reevaluation of the business equipment is part of a solid maintenance plan. It is more complex than machine maintenance but requires reevaluating the appropriateness of each piece of equipment. Is it still meeting your client’s needs? Is each piece used regularly by most […]

Five Reasons to Build your Garage Gym Today!

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Building a garage gym with used gym equipment is the soundest decision one can make. Here are five reasons why. Convenience This may seem intuitive but consider the implications. Many fitness-directed individuals work long hours and would like to have a workout before starting their day, which in fact has so many health benefits Unfortunately, […]

Used Gym Equipment: A Risk-Free Investment

Commercial Used Gym Equipment

Used Gym Equipment not only provides risk free startup, but ongoing security. It has been a critical component for the success of many new fitness facilities. The proof is in the over twenty years of successful relationships with thriving gyms and fitness centers. Used Gym Equipment not only offers used exercise equipment expertly refurbished to […]

Used Gym Equipment: Partners in Success

Commercial Used Gym Equipment Near me

Used Gym Equipment is an established company that has been an industry leader in used gym equipment since 1989. Many gyms and fitness centers rely on Used Gym Equipment worldwide. The experience provided by the company offers every opportunity for success for a new venture or an established private or corporate business. Consistency Consistency is […]

Used Gym Equipment: Show Your Strength

used Gym Equipment for sale

The savings at Used Gym Equipment are strong. If you are passionate about your fitness and the fitness of your gym and fitness center clients, show some strength. Upgrade to another level. New technology and improvements in standard equipment develop all the time. Investing in used gym equipment is an example of sound business strength. […]

Learn More About Cost-Effective Used Gym Equipment

Learn More About Cost-Effective Used Gym Equipment

Whether your gym is a 24/7 coed gym, a personal training studio, a women’s only gym, a CrossFit gym, a corporate fitness center, an apartment complex fitness center, a sports performance gym, or any other type of training center, fitness equipment is your number one cost. The good news is that used gym equipment is […]