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Branding a Gym Business

People purchase based on emotion. That’s why there are things like compulsive buying, brand loyalty and so on. That’s why your brand, the kind of image you are portraying to your clients, is so important. What does the name of your health club conjure in the minds of your potential clients? Is it positive or […]

The History Of Bodybuilding

The History of Bodybuilding – The Greatest in Bodybuilding History (Could Be You)   “The Father of Modern Bodybuilding,” Eugene Sandow, popularized bodybuilding in the late 19th century. He was an incredibly strong man and is known in the bodybuilding circles as the founders of physical aesthetics. And with his high profile and reputation in the […]

Ask These 11 Questions Before You Buy Equipment For Your New Facility!

Ask These 11 Questions Before You Buy Equipment For Your New Facility! Whether you’re opening your first private personal trainer center or your fiftieth fitness mega-center, you’re undertaking a monumental task. From business plans and investor meetings to the nitty gritty of balancing the books there are a million facets that you need to oversee. […]

The Importance of Health Club Design

The Importance of Health Club Design It’s all in the psychology. Décor and design are important facets to consider when creating your gym. They can take you from an average, nothing special outfit to a high-end operation, designed to monetize every aspect of your business. It’s all in the psychology. As published in Optimal DSI, […]

What Are Free Weights?

What Are Free Weights? Categorized as any type of resistance training equipment with which a trainee’s range of motion isn’t limited, free weights are beneficial for fitness seekers looking to build balance, flexibility, speed and strength; who are coming from all levels of experience, provided they train with the correc. They should, therefore, understand the […]

Opening A Personal Training Studio

Opening a Personal Training Studio According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), fitness instructors and trainers, in 2012, received a median pay of $31,720/year ($15.25/hr) and generated 267,000 jobs. Basically, fitness instructors motivate people to train and instruct them how to do so safely, they also can makes custom diet plans tailored for their […]

How To Stay Fit This Year

After over a decade, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, once more, is requiring its special agents to take a physical fitness test, according to an article published at the New York Times. Each of them has until October to take and complete it. It is composed of four sets of challenges, namely the one-minute push-up, […]

March Madness and Your Gym: How Buzzer-Beaters Bring Buzz to Your Business

  For one-day sporting events, the Super Bowl still reigns supreme. But for sustained drama, last-second shots and a David vs Goliath “anything can happen” mentality, there’s nothing like the annual NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship. It’s called “March Madness” because 64 teams (once the play-in games are complete) have a shot to win […]

How to Retain Your New Gym Members after the New Year’s Resolutions Wear Off

  With the first part of 2015 behind us, it’s time to assess your gym membership. Many health clubs and fitness centers see an annual spike in new memberships in December and January, mostly due to one fleeting, often-failed idea: the New Year’s resolution. Your gym probably experienced an increase in activity since January 1st. […]