Whey Protein and You

Whey Protein, its benefits — and You Dubbed the “King of All Proteins,” whey tops the list as most favorite among bodybuilders in terms of developing lean muscle faster. But, what really makes this source great? Whey protein, a combination of alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, immunoglobins and bovine serum albumin, is complete with nine major essential amino […]

The Weirdest, the (Soon-to-Be) Past and the (Near) Future Fitness Trends: An Overview

Fitness Trends! We’re about to say goodbye to 2014, but before we do that, let’s discuss the weirdest fitness trends of this year as well as what made it to the top five list, and then touch on the newest (but not actually the weirdest fitness trends predicted for 2015). Weirdest Exercise Trends 2014 According […]

Body Building Competitions Around the World

Body building is more than just developing the biggest muscles, but it’s a way of life for many. Body builders spend their days conditioning their body’s to display their physiques for elite competitions to earn recognition for their hard work and determination. Every year, thousands of body builders flock to body building contests around the […]

Corporate Fitness Centers: Great Motivation Tools & Much More

Corporate fitness centers are not only a great way for employees to get in shape – they’re also the perfect motivation tool as well. And if you work for an employer with a fitness center, consider yourself fortunate. Barely half of companies with “Wellness Programs” in place have on-site exercise facilities. In place of an […]