How to Retain Your New Gym Members after the New Year’s Resolutions Wear Off

  With the first part of 2015 behind us, it’s time to assess your gym membership. Many health clubs and fitness centers see an annual spike in new memberships in December and January, mostly due to one fleeting, often-failed idea: the New Year’s resolution. Your gym probably experienced an increase in activity since January 1st. […]

Your Complete Circuit Training Guide

Circuit Training Guide and Circuit Training Techniques! When done correctly, circuit training is an effective means of losing weight, developing endurance and strength, improving muscle tone and enhancing overall health and fitness. Check out this guide and learn more about circuit training. What Is It? Developed by G.T. Anderson and R.E. Morgan from the University […]

The Most Common Gym Terms You Should Know

Gym Terms and Important Gym Information For You In the gym world, learning of common terms will help you get by and improve your training, as you will understand things better. Today’s post is all about a glossary of common fitness terms to know, especially if you were a newbie in training. A Abduction is […]

The New Year’s Resolution Rush Looms – Prepare your Gym Today!

January 1st is almost here. For most people, that means it’s time to buckle down on those New Year’s resolutions. Most of these would-be lifestyle changes involve achieving greater fitness or losing weight – so for gym owners, another calendar year usually translates into more customers (at least for a while). Most New Year’s resolutions […]

12 Fitness Apps To Get You In Shape!

Fitness Apps to Get in Shape NOW! Mobile fitness is in! Due to innovation, intelligent mobile devices have paved the way for health and fitness to become accessible for the most of us. Now you can record and achieve your fitness goals through these gadgets, such as your iPhone, Android or Smartphone that can be […]