The Evolution Of Gyms

Evolution of Gyms Todays gyms can be traced all the way back to our ancestors who needed to develop physical strength in order to survive in the wild and hunt for food. The earliest recorded gyms were in Persia in Zurkhaneh, encouraging fitness, dated over 3,000 years ago. But formal gyms were also recorded in […]

Top 5 Reasons To Lease Gym Equipment When Opening A Gym

Why Lease Gym Equipment When Opening A Gym? Pretty straightforward question, I’ll grant you, but the answer is anything but simple. Afterall, leasing vs purchasing is a business decision, and as such has many facets to consider. Business matters are rarely a black and white affair. But don’t fret! In the interest of brevity, we’ve outlined […]

Seven Lead Generation Ideas Your Gym Needs!

Seven Lead Generation Techniques Your Gym Might Need You know how important that is to gain leads for your health club because prospects can turn into clients and become new sales revenue for you. But as the competition in the gym industry grows, attracting new leads isn’t that easy. In fact, you might be struggling […]

How To Use Referrals To Earn More Members

Starting a Refer-a-Friend Program Working out in a gym with a good community motivates people to exercise, especially if it’s with their friends. So if you own a gym and you are yet to explore refer-a-friend program, then you are missing a big opportunity to build a gym community, which is something that can help […]

What You Need To Consider When Buying Equipment For A Health Club

Buying Gym Equipment for a Health Club You’ve figured out the location for the gym and bought or leased the space. Now, you’re thinking what to furnish it with. There are just too many options on the market, and with more than hundreds of choices, you might be feeling overwhelmed; that you cannot decide well […]

Branding a Gym Business

People purchase based on emotion. That’s why there are things like compulsive buying, brand loyalty and so on. That’s why your brand, the kind of image you are portraying to your clients, is so important. What does the name of your health club conjure in the minds of your potential clients? Is it positive or […]

How and Why to Build A Corporate Gym

Corporate gyms may boost employee performance. Survey findings presented before the American College of Sports Medicine’s 52nd Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, revealed that workers who used their company gym were more productive and could get along better with colleagues during days that they exercised at their company gym. The said survey was conducted to […]

The History Of Bodybuilding

The History of Bodybuilding – The Greatest in Bodybuilding History (Could Be You)   “The Father of Modern Bodybuilding,” Eugene Sandow, popularized bodybuilding in the late 19th century. He was an incredibly strong man and is known in the bodybuilding circles as the founders of physical aesthetics. And with his high profile and reputation in the […]

Ask These 11 Questions Before You Buy Equipment For Your New Facility!

Ask These 11 Questions Before You Buy Equipment For Your New Facility! Whether you’re opening your first private personal trainer center or your fiftieth fitness mega-center, you’re undertaking a monumental task. From business plans and investor meetings to the nitty gritty of balancing the books there are a million facets that you need to oversee. […]

The Humble (but Amazing) Treadmill Beginnings

  The Humble (but Amazing) Treadmill Beginnings You wont believe the history of the treadmill. From prisons to health clubs and home gyms, the treadmill is so ubiquitous that for it to have such a checkered past will leave you beyond confused. Well, if you’re ready to turn back time and get into the bottom […]